professional dog walking


Private Walk

Private dog walks within your neighborhood and local park for your canine pal (30 minutes)

Scenic Tour

Scenic Tour, this is a special 1 hour spent with your dog on a country hike if you are near a conservation area, scenic park, to tire out the restless, hyperactive dog

Quick Potty Breaks

Quick Potty Breaks for the senior dog, puppy or dog recovering from an operation (15 minute visits throughout day)

Puppy Visits

Puppy Visits consists of changing puppy pads, feeding, potty break and practicing leash walks, with lots of cuddles and positive encouragement (30 minutes)

Kitty Care

We offer playtime, cuddle sessions with your kitty while you are away, cleaning out litter box, feeding, water, and basic medicinal administration if needed.

Additional Services

We can put together a nice package for your pet while you are away on that much deserved vacation, which would include multiple visits throughout day, feeding, walks and playtime so that your pet can rest easy in the comfort of their home and receiving both the attention and care needed during your absence and we will provide you with updates.

Statutory holidays are an additional $10, Weekends are an additional $5
* While you are away, we will bring in your mail, take out garbage, and leave a light and or music on as needed free of charge


Individual Walk

30 min: $20 in Northwest Mississauga

30 min: $25 in surrounding areas

Two Dog Families

$5 for each extra family member (max 2)

In home petcare while away

Call for Quote!

Puppy Visits

30 min: $20

Quick Potty Breaks for Senior/Post Operative Dog

15 min: $15

Scenic Romp for dogs

60 min: $30 (feeding, fresh water, treats included)

Feline Care

Per visit: $20 (Feeding, fresh water, litter box, attention and treats included)

Ask about our discount for 4-5 walks a week!

Call for quote.

Contact us to discuss a detailed specialized package for your pet(s) while you are way on vacation in your home with walks, playtime, and feeding with continuous care.
Note: Cats in the same household as a dog in this care package will be no additional charge***