professional dog walking

C. Terwissen - Bolton, ON

I met Lisa 8 years through our shared interest in horses. Through this time I have seen her care for and assist countless animals, including her own horse, her 2 dogs and 2 cats. While we had our horses at the same facility she was always willing to check in on my horse and any other animals she felt needed extra attention. Lisa has a huge heart and infinite knowledge about all animals big and small. Even though I am a wildlife biologist whenever I find a lost cat or dog she is the first person I call as she always knows what to do and is in touch with the right people at rescue organizations and local vet clinics. I have seen her use her own money to spay and neuter countless barn cats to help control local pet populations. Finally she always encourages her friends to adopt animals in need, in fact my two cats came from her and I don't think there is a person who knows Lisa that hasn't taken in a pet or two. Her recent adoption of Dixie (rescued from the Thailand dog meat trade) demonstrates her abilities, in the last month I have seen this insecure little dog adapt to a foreign environment and flourish under her guidance. I would never hesitate to have Lisa care for my pets as she has consistently proven her aptitude with animals.

Tina Kendall, former V.P., MHS

I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa Abel for almost a decade in a high volume animal rescue group. During the course of my work with this group, Lisa has proven herself to be reliable, trustworthy, compassionate and capable. She has experience with all breeds of animals from cats and dogs, to horses.

She has taken on tasks such as bottle feeding kittens, taming feral cats and handling difficult dogs that even the veterinarian's staff could not cope with. Lisa is always willing to help where animals are concerned and I would not hesitate to hire her as my pet's caretaker.

L. Pederson - Oakville, ON

Lisa is a true animal lover that goes above and beyond to help any animal that is in need, regardless of the situation. I've known her to foster and rescue countless cats and dogs, including my beloved kitty whom IÕve had for over 4 years and he wouldn't be with us today if he wasn't saved from an environment that wasn't right for him. She always goes by what is best for the individual animal and truly understands each individual's personality be it dog, equine or cat and shows unconditional love for each.

Her passion and commitment to animals is truly one of a kind and she has one of the biggest hearts I've known for any animal's wellbeing.